In her first novel, she takes you down to purgatory

Are you ready?

Tosho is Dead

What if after being murdered you don’t land in heaven? What if the other dead want to eat you? What if someone in the afterlife is plotting to erase you? Tosho will have to figure it out quickly or disappear into oblivion along with all the amazing friends he’s made, and they certainly don’t deserve that.

“ I can honestly say that I’ve never read anything quite like it. I look forward to the second book. ”

Rosetta Overman, writer of the Games of Gods series

Ready for the adventure of an afterlife time?

  • Unputdownable
  • Unique magic system
  • Amazing characters
  • Dark and vibrant

“ If Tim Burton told the story of What Dreams May Come, you’d probably end up with something similar to Tosho is Dead. The story moves at a very fast pace. Very clever.”

Kevin Carlin, writer of “The Pacifists”

Looking for more? How about a prequel?

Elise and Baas were not always friends. In fact, before dying and meeting Tosho, they were enemies. How did a deceptively charming undead lord change everything?

“ I HAD to know what Tosho’s fate was going to be!”

K.T. Munson, writer of “The Sixth Gate”

Upcoming books in the series

More is on its way!

The prequel

In 2000BC Egypte, Alpheus is sent to welcome a newly deceased princess, but the 12 years old Kemsit is nowhere to be found and her sisters are being murdered faster than he can ran to them. Is it his role to protect them and figure out who is trying to wipe them out ?

Volume 2

Belle is different. Belle is invisible at will. And that makes her a target. Someone is hunting her kind. And her murder is just the beginning of the chase. Luckily, Odra is here to teach her to become the full fledged soul-manipulator she is meant to be. But how can that help her stop a soulless abomination from destroying her, and all her kind?

Volume 3

Merlin has a plan for the afterlife. And it involves everyone. With the open war between the Spirits and the Power Thieves, chaos is at its uttermost and chaos is where Merlin strives. Who will reign over the dead?

If you love fantasy, then this is a must read book.

Philip Arnold, writer of “Brave Run”

SPFBO review

A genuinely enjoyable story, fast-paced intriguing spin on purgatory, characters full of personality, each one wielding its own unmistakable voice. But with the status quo crumbling, does Tosho have time to figure out who is behind the dangerous schemes?

The Critiquing Chemist, SPFBO writing competition judge
An amazing Young Adult Adventure Fantasy

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Tosho is Dead, Volume 1

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